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Located in one of the property's garden plots, you can enjoy lunch or dinner in our restaurant during your stay. It is open from mid-June to mid-September, outdoors only. It is also open to the public, but does not give access to the rest of the property, which is reserved for guests staying in the rooms. Every year, we work with chefs in residence, so that you can discover their particular culinary sensibilities, and with local producers to offer you a selection of high-quality products served in a calm and peaceful setting. The original greenhouse, which we have restored to its original condition, now houses the restaurant's kitchen. At lunchtime we offer a small à la carte menu, and in the evening a unique menu. Menus change from week to week and vary according to availability of produce and arrivals. These are therefore not announced in advance.

"Here life is celebrated around a conversation with friends, a family meal or watching the afternoon go. As if you were the guest at a dinner party, nobody tells you what menu you are going to eat. And there’s no need to. Who cares what’s on your plate if it’s all seasonal and sourced from local producers. And who would want to worry about choosing one dish or another if the menu already in- cludes everything. When we’re at De Puta Madre we don’t want unnecessary distractions; we simply want to procrastinate gracefully. As evening falls, the murmur of chatter and toasts accompanies those who have es- caped to take a siesta under one of the oak trees scattered around the ina-barcable garden that surrounds the room."Quote from Conde Nast Traveller, written by Benat Munoz

"This restaurant, which reflects the simple and elegant lifestyle of the owner's family - already illustrated by the gourmet and careful breakfast oered at the Villa every morning on large tables - is above all simple. Simple like a family lunch, like a spontaneous and whimsical get-together with friends, like a delicious moment suspended in time where you can revel in every minute. The kitchen is located in the garden’s greenhouse, which has been restored. Fresh and seasonal products, carefully sourced from local producers, are prepared. The results: a cuisine «of the kind that gives you emotion, sensuality, and plunges you into childhood memories», corresponding exactly to what Anne wanted. At «De Puta Madre», there are no waiters rushing the customers out once the meal has been consumed. «I take the gamble of letting people sit at the table for 4 hours if they want to,» continues Anne." 
Extract from «Le chef» magazine

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